Volume 1 No. 3 (April - Sept 01)

  • Christian Heritage Rallies
  • 800 Light Horsemen - Dedicated To The Lord
  • A Word From Dick Reuben
  • Australia - Today's No.1 Mission Field

I picked up a Brisbane Courier Mail recently, intrigued I looked at the five page supplement on the Centenary of Federation. Imagine my disappointment when I found that in the entire five page lift-out there was not one single reference to anything Christian! I phoned the local Gold Coast paper and spoke at length to a reporter. The long shot of the matter is he invited me to come in, we spoke for hours, and he took eight pages of notes and gave me a full-page write up on the “Faith of our Forefathers”.

As this is the year of the Centenary of Federation – and there exists a window of opportunity - we are planning Christian Heritage Rallies right across the nation. Already we have held many exciting rallies, starting off with one on the Gold Coast on Australia Day. Over 500 people - from churches as far away as Brisbane - turned out for the night. Besides hearing from me, we had music by Peter Robertson and his musicians as well as hearing from Captain James Cook, Prime Minister Alfred Deakin and the first preacher in Australia (arrived with the First Fleet), Reverend Richard Johnson. (Of course I am talking about people acting out their parts). They spoke of their prayers and aspirations for this new nation.

I was dressed in a Light Horseman’s uniform while the others appeared in authentic period costume. The costumes have proven an effective way of getting the message across, especially to the children. We have also held these rallies in Bundaberg, Rockhampton (in the Heritage Centre ) and have plans to hold others in Atherton – COC, Cairns- AOG, Innisfail – COC, Adelaide Danny Guglielmucci, Full Gospel Businessmen’s National Convention and Pastor Bill Nott. Brisbane – Pastors David Boske, Jim Williams and Wayne Alcorn, Perth – Pastors Geoff Woodward, John McElroy and Margaret Court, Melbourne – Pastors Alun Davies, John Brown, David Reekie and Patrick Templeton, Liberty at Gosford and Pastor Alan Millard - Kurrajong. We will also be visiting Kalgoorlie, Albany, Bunbury - Pastor Geoff Hewitt, Geraldton – Pastor Shane Foreman and Darwin – Pastor Don Dawson.

These rallies have all been well attended – averaging 500 people from across the political and Church spectrum. We have had both Federal and State politicians (Labour, Liberal and Nationals), Town Mayors, Councillors and pastors. We are also trying to go to Tasmania, so we can cover the entire country this year – the Centenary of Federation. What an awesome time to be alive and serving the Lord here in this great land – South Land of the Holy Spirit! Let me leave you with this wonderful quote from Henry Parkes – the Father of Federation: “Standing before the uplifted veil, let the meanest of us breathe a fervent prayer that the Almighty may guide our young Commonwealth on the high road of her starry future and that her people may be abundantly blessed within these encompassing seas of peace, that their influence beyond may be a blessing to all mankind.” Henry Parkes 1892.

Available of video for $25.00 plus postage.

The battle for religious freedom in this great nation - South Land of the Holy Spirit - is raging. As I write this we have a Federal government with a Prime Minister, who is a decent family man, open to the things of God. The Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer are men who have made commitments to the Lord. How long this openness to Christianity will last is anyone’s guess. The nation seems to be inundated with special interest and minority groups clamouring to be heard. First the family was under attack and now our freedom of speech is threatened. The homosexual lobby. Aboriginal land rights, “crystal lickers” and civil libertarians are all vocal and active, yet rarely do I hear voices being raised in defence of our Christian heritage and rights, which are being trampled underfoot!

In the last census twelve and half million Australians indicated - by ticking the box - that they considered themselves Christians! That’s two out of every three people in this country that see themselves as Christians! While no one is suggesting that this means they are born again, it does tell me that they are at least open to the Gospel. No political party or politician could afford to ignore these numbers - it would be political suicide. But when does the Church speak up? We have been so apathetic and disorganised that the Church is seen almost as a non entity. I believe the Lord has been speaking to me for some time now about helping raise an army of “800 Light Horsemen” who will dare to be “light” at this time of their country’s need. As the original Light Horsemen volunteered in a time of national need, we need volunteers to stand up for this nation. The Bible says “first the natural and then the spiritual”. What these young Light Horsemen were able to achieve in the natural, I believe their spiritual counterparts will help achieve in the spiritual.

Notice The Term “Light” Horsemen
Light exposes corruption! Light is opposite to darkness, it drives out darkness! These “Light” Horsemen (and women) could make all the difference. We could organise Christian heritage rallies right across this nation, we could produce books, tapes videos to be placed in schools, libraries and into the hands of our educators and politicians. We could pray and intercede as a unified group. We could show this nation that we do care and are prepared to stand up for what is right and just! I still have a burning desire to produce a documentary for TV on the founding faith of our forefathers. We could lobby all political parties and perhaps even look to help employ a full time Christian lobbyist in Canberra. The next step is to raise an army of 800 “Light” Horsemen both here and New Zealand. I believe the Lord has instructed me to suggest that each one contribute $100 (payable over the year if necessary). Will you join me? This is not just MY fight, this is OUR fight for the very soul and future of this land - South land of the Holy Spirit. If not US, then who? If not NOW, when? Do you love this nation and your children enough to do something? What sort of legacy will we pass on to them?

“God is not slack in remembering His promises made in His Word. He remembers His commitment to those who bless His nation Israel. From the very beginning of the Jewish nation through His servant Abram, God promised blessings upon those that would extend their hand in blessing the Israelites.

“And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” Genesis 12:2-4

Not long ago while ministering in the nation of Australia someone handed me two books written by Col Stringer. I was busy at the time and paid very little attention to what was given to me other than they were just two books written by an author unknown. Several days passed before I had time available to view the contents of the two books that had, by divine appointment, been passed on to me.

Something Inside Of Me Was Saying “Keep Reading”
As I opened the book entitled, “800 Horsemen” and began to read its powerful message, something inside of me was saying, “keep reading, there is a message that I want you to reinforce to the inhabitants of the great nation, Australia.”As a Jewish believer in Jesus the book spoke to my heart of God’s sovereign commitment to those who paid an incredible price for freeing the nation of Israel from its oppressors. Australian lives were given for the regaining of the Holy Land and for that gracious act of heroism and bravery, we Jews should be grateful. It is my firm conviction that God remembers every drop of precious Australian blood that was spilled by the brave men of the “800 horsemen” on behalf of the Jewish people, and the restoration of the land promised to our Patriarch Abraham. Because I know that God blesses those who bless His people it causes me to look forward with anticipation to God’s repayment structure planned for the home of the “800 horsemen”.

In Israel’s horrid past of we have had a multitude of oppressors, but only a handful of brave people willing to risk their lives for the preservation of our people and our land. I believe that God’s repayment will be in the form of a mighty move of His Holy Spirit in your beautiful land. Australia is earmarked by God for blessing His people Israel in a time of need. God is not a God of chance but of divine purpose and province.

This book has come at a time to reveal to the citizens of the Great Southland, God’s plan and direction for their nation. Australia’s place in bible prophecy is yet to be recorded. It is a futuristic event, however I do feel confident in saying that God has handpicked Col Stringer to begin the awareness movement that is needed in this present hour for Australia. Awareness to what? Awareness to the fact that God does have His mighty hand on Australia, even today.

God has had His hand on this nation going back to the year 1606. It was on the day of Pentecost, that year that Fernandez de Quiros declaredAustralia, “The South land of the Holy Ghost.”

The “800 horsemen” is the story of victory over great odds. It is a covenant in human blood signed by all that died in the breakthrough for the battle of the Holy City of God, Jerusalem. God has said to put Him in remembrance of past deeds done. Australia’s countrymen need to fully digest the great sacrifices offered by the “800 horsemen” and to put God in remembrance of the noble deeds done on behalf of Israel and the contribution to the forming foundation of modern day Israel. Australia, your best is yet to come! The blood of the horsemen killed in the battle for Jerusalem is still crying out for God’s answer to their sacrifice.

Even as I write this forward, my heart is pounding with excitement for what lies ahead for Australia as you move into God’s divine destiny. I trust that your life will be as changed as mine has been from reading this book. Thank you Col for answering God’s call on your life, and ushering in this New Millennium revelation. Truly it is Australia’s time for revival. The long hours dedicated to the writing of this book, the “800 horsemen” is a labor that will not go unnoticed by God and your countrymen alike. Because of this book, I pray that soon all nations will focus their spiritual eyes on the promises made to those who bless the Jewish nation. We as Jews have few friends as history has evidenced. You have told the story of 800 fearless horsemen who were our friends and a nation that rallied to the Jewish cause of freedom. May God Bless your effort in reaching Australia’s youth as well as the older generation with the rich godly history and heritage of your nation’s past.”

Dick Reuben
Dick Reuben Evangelistic Assoc.

I was appalled to read of the Victorian state government’s proposal to introduce a “Racial Vilification” Bill. One of the possible ramifications is that Christians could be fined for witnessing to people of their faith under the pretext that it “strongly offended” someone. While I believe this is an attack on our Constitutional rights of freedom of religion and speech, I also believe that it is a spiritual attack upon this nation - Southland of the Holy Spirit. Fortunately the government has withdrawn the bill to review it! Let me remind you of the first words spoken by a Christian explorer over this land: “I, Captain Pedro Fernandez de Quiros … in the name of Jesus Christ ... on this Day of Pentecost, 14 May 1606 ... take possession of all this part of the South as far as the pole in the name of Jesus … Which from now on shall be called the Southern land of the Holy Ghost and this always and forever ... and to the end that to all natives, in all the said lands, the holy and sacred evangel may be preached zealously and openly.” (Australia’s Christian Heritage).

And what about Prime Minister Alfred Deakin’s prayer for Australia - at the time of Federation:“Father of nations preserve this people and grant its leaders unselfish fidelity and courage to face all the trials ... Thy blessing has rested upon us here yesterday and we pray that it may be the means of creating and fostering throughout all Australia a Christlike citizenship.” (Deakins Prayer 4/6/1898).

Suddenly our very heritage of freedom of speech and Christian foundations could be under attack. Part of the problem has been our own generosity, our doors have always been open to the oppressed. We are a nation with a big heart for the “under dog”, now that “under dog” may be about to reward us by biting us on the backside! It is painfully obvious that this “Racial Vilification Bill” is aimed at protecting the interests of minority groups such as Muslims and Jews, certainly not Christians! (And I am far from the only one who thinks this way, international religious liberty monitors are watching the matter closely because the implications are horrendous)!

Many of the people landing in Australia (including illegals) are from Muslim countries, some with a militant form of Islam and a few politicians have gone overboard in their willingness to please these new arrivals. Charles Sturt University in Wagga have an Islamic Mosque on campus, but no Christian Chapel is provided for Christians! Our very foundations are under siege! Let me quote writer Rick Joiner: “It is a basic doctrine of Islam to subject the world to Allah, by either conversion or by force of arms (holy war). Nations are being added to the camp of Islam while they are being lost to Christianity. Unless we throw off the humanistic yoke that would restrain us from sharing our faith with foreigners because it may infringe upon their “rights”, we will be in danger of losing our faith to Islam which is not so restrained.” (The Morning Star Vol. 1 No.5).

Islamic theology teaches that God first revealed Himself to the Jews then Christians, but they perverted and corrupted the Scriptures so He has now turned to Mohammed. The Word “Islam” in Arabic means ‘submission’ and they believe Islam is predestined to bring all nations into submission to Allah and his prophet Mohammed.

That belief behind the Islamic spirit has not changed today, only the methods. Islam is still bent on world conquest, through the weapons of oil and immigration - a modern invasion of the west. It is estimated that within a few years Islam will replace Judaism as the USA’s third largest religion. On the outskirts of Rome - the very seat of the Vatican - stands a $30 million mosque. Over the last 15 years the number of mosques in Britain have increased over ten fold! Many being former churches, while in Brussels - world centre of the European Economic Community - there are more mosques than churches!

Stand Up For Our Freedom Or Risk Losing It
On a recent trip to Britain I was appalled to find a public school had been forced to remove all references to Christianity from their Christmas celebrations as these were offensive to the Muslims. Another woman had been forced to remove five porcelain pigs from the window of her home - even though they had been there for many years - because they offended her Muslim neighbours. It is time to stand up for our nation’s rights and Christian heritage. While no one begrudges these people - we welcome them and guarantee their freedom of religion - they must realise that this is a Christian country that they have chosen to be a part of and not demand changes for their culture and religion. These immigrants have left their home countries, with all of their restrictions, attracted by our open society and freedom. Now they want to impose those same restrictions here!

Our rights in this Christian democracy - under section 116 of our Constitution - guarantees:“The Commonwealth shall not make any law establishing any religion or imposing any religious observance or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion.” Our nation’s foundations are its Constitution and laws based on Biblical principles but all that now could be under threat. Not only is Victoria looking to implement this new law, but Queensland is considering it also! If someone objects to me witnessing on the street, on the proviso that it “offended his religious beliefs”, I could be ordered to cease my Christian activities - even though my Bible clearly instructs me to do this - or face a severe fine or even arrest. I have visited places that restrict the freedom of Christians, such as Brunei where three Christians are currently in gaol for daring to share their faith, there is certainly no freedom for Christians!

Australia Our No1. Mission Field
Am I advocating banning or targeting Muslim immigrants? Certainly not, we pride ourselves on our freedom. Aussies have always believed in a “fair go” for all, it is not people we oppose but the spirit behind it. What I am advocating is:

  1. We get rid of the apathy, stand up and be counted. Inform our politicians that we will not stand for these attacks on our Christian heritage and freedom of speech.
  2. We play the politicians at their own game. If the basis of this new bill is reporting people that do things that deeply offend, then let’s report them who blaspheme the name of Jesus in the media! That offends me! Let’s deluge them with reports that mock Christianity and our sense of decency.
  3. We start to see Australia as our number 1 mission field.

At any time there are thousands of immigrants and foreign students in this land and thousands of others in the USA. These people are far more open to the Gospel’s message than the people in their home countries. One aspect of the Gospel we seem to have forgotten is hospitality of the stranger. In Deuteronomy we are instructed to love the foreigner (Deut.14:28-29 and 26:12). While Paul lists one of the qualifications for leadership as “given to hospitality for foreigners”. (1Tim 3:2 Titus 1:8). Traditionally we have not been very friendly to students and immigrants from Asian and Muslim nations. In fact many foreign Uni students spend their weekends and holidays isolated and lonely. The Japanese officers who planned and led the attack on Pearl Harbor in World War 11 were both educated in America. These men were so deeply offended by the racist treatment they received, that they became enemies of the USA. How might history have been changed if they had been befriended and led to accept Christ? Numbers of Islamic leaders educated in the

USA now see that nation as the “great Satan”. Rather than respond to this as a threat to our Christian Heritage, let’s seize this God ordained opportunity to befriend these people. Most Australian Christians view themselves as free from a spirit of racism, but we could all be more friendly. How wonderful if we could relate to these guests in our country with a genuine care and concern. Churches and families could approach Universities, Colleges and schools with an offer of hospitality, for students to stay in their homes on weekends and holidays - at least invite them for a meal or coffee. Certainly many lonely students and immigrants would be open to hear and possibly accept the Gospel. I believe numbers would respond positively. What a wonderful opportunity to touch these people without even leaving home! Perhaps this new “multiculturism” is the Lord! Rather than cause more tension, let’s welcome these people. Let’s be part of the answer, rather than the problem!