Rediscovering Manhood Seminars

Are you ready for change? Do you long to see the men of our nation reach their full potential as fathers, sons and hubands? Let us help....

- Train your young men
- Help your boys step into manhood
- Teach on fathers/son relationships
- Teach on Christian rite-of -passage
- Teach the true meaning of ‘mateship’ and the ‘Anzac’ Spirit

Where are all the men today? Not just males or ‘big boys’ but MEN! Many men today have received very little instruction or encouragment from their fathers. No wonder men are in crisis! We are witnessing a meltdown of masculinity! What has happened to the ‘Anzac Spirit’ that saved our nation numerous times? Modern society is rapidly becoming ‘anti’ male.

Men! It’s time to come out of the closet! Everyone else has. It’s time to grow up, stand up and speak up! So to every red-blooded male I challenge you to be like the eagle and spread your wings, to take the plunge – and ‘Rediscover Your Manhood! Even if you have to do it afraid, be a real man and just do it! But at the same time we can learn that a real man loves his wife, provides for - and lays down his life if necessary - for his family. Imagine people looking at Christian men and saying, “Now that’s a man!”

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“Col Stringer is not what you would expect in the man who wrote the famous book ‘The 800 Horsemen’. He is a popular international speaker, committed husband, father and devoted grandfather. As you examine his life he appears to be more like the fictional Indiana Jones with his adventures into the Australian Outback with crocodiles, snakes and his Aboriginal friends. In his life of adventures....he has dared the elements….while retaining a warmth of character, a love for God’s creation and a promoter and example of what it means to be a man. His attitude and affection towards his family and friends, together with an unswerving to do good, make him unique in a world of weak and insipid make-believe men.” - Peter Daniels