Merry and Blessed Christmas

Merry and Blessed Christmas


Congratulations dear Partners and Friends, you made it through  2022! Oh wow, what a year – sheeeee – what a couple of years it has been!!!!

But, we are still here, greeting each other for another Christmas! We’ve survived whatever came against us – Covid, lockdowns, floods, fires, earthquakes, government stupidity, the loss of dear friends and close family, BUT also some joys.

So From whence did your help come? Mine comes from the Lord Who made Heaven and Earth. So if the earth seems to be ‘reeling back and forth like a drunken man’ and everything appears to be topsy-turvy, it’s no surprise to Him. The Lord’s Grace, goodness and mercy is sufficient!

He Himself experienced a totally crazy and out-of-whack government systems of the day. He knows what it feels like. And He survived – rose above it! – and so have we. The Lord takes great joy in reaching out a steadying hand when nothing around us seems stable any more – a rescuing arm pulling us out of the waves – our mess, the worlds mess, the governments mess! 

Sooooo many people have been badly shaken, many foundations demolished. But our strength to stand in the face of opposition depends on our ability to trust him and to lift our attention to his love, grace, faithfulness, and goodness. When we lower our gaze to our situations, it stirs our anxiety and causes us to falter. If we feel overwhelmed, heavy, and stressed, it’s not because we don’t have the power to shake it off. It’s because we haven’t fully released the problem to him and His amazing Grace!

This newsletter is a carol about His Grace, His care and interventions over the year. I know life feels far more tenuous than it did before, but I am so grateful for no ill effects, after a bout with Covid (as well as Jan and two of our kids) for good health and strength. 

I think the Lord wants us to get the message that the God Who invaded earth at Christmas still lives here – IN US! So, why should I be surprised if I am healthy and miracles happen? God lives in me and you!

During the year Jan and I discussed moving and down-sizing – more Jan than me, I love where I live, I can fish off my back lawn. Sheeeee, why would I ever want to move? So, after some ‘disagreements’ we have agreed to stay, but on the condition we do some renovations – so it’s gonna cost an arm and a leg! (I’m thinking about starting a GO-Fund-Me page) LOL! But I keep reminding myself how truly blessed we are, with sooooo many people not having anywhere to live! 

I have written two new books this year – both are going gangbusters! ‘John – From the son of Thunder, to the Apostle of Love’ and ‘Whatever happened to joy?” If you would like a copy and are sufficiently ‘cashed up’, send me your address and I’ll give you a copy for Christmas!

Funny but since the Covid lockdowns our books sales (and donations to schools, RSLs, prisons and others) have all picked up significantly! Thank you Lord!

 2023 is looking good, I am off to preach in an Aboriginal, First Nation, Black – whatever sounds politically correct at the moment – church, in January. 

They asked me to come and speak on the Light Horse, so it’s a great opportunity to bring unity between our people – not further division! also I’m speaking at a large conference in Victoria as well as doing several ANZAC services (complete with troopers, uniforms, plumes, rifles etc); and I’m excited about that. Plus many other churches (including a Uniting Church where I have spoken for the last 2 years). If you would like me to come and speak at your church please let us know.

We are patiently awaiting the arrival of most of our family for Christmas – some we haven’t seen for 3 years. One son from Darwin, grand daughter from the USA and others – over 20 together for Christmas. It’s gonna be bigger than Ben Hur this year!

So from our family to you and yours – have a very Merry and BLESSED Christmas an awesome New Year. Christmas is supposed to be a joyful time – when the Angel heralded the birth of our Lord he never said ‘Misery to the world’ – He said ‘Joy to the world!’)

We value your friendship and support sooooo very much. Let me remind you – You ARE Highly Favoured, Greatly Blessed and Deeply Loved!

Col and Jan Stringer