“I have known Col Stringer for many years. Gloria and I have read his books, listened to his tapes and have attended services where he preached and taught God’s Word. His ministry has blessed us and brought great joy into our walk of faith.”
– Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Copeland Ministries

“Col Stringers’ unconditional love for his family, and the family of God, more than qualifies him to speak into the lives of men as to their responsibility to be Godly leaders and examples in today’s society. Jeanne and I have know Col and Jan for many years, and highly recommend their ministry.”
– Happy Caldwell Pastor Agape Church, Inc Little Rock Arkansas USA.

“Col Stringer is definitely one of the best communicators on men’s issues and the subject of ‘Manhood’ itself in Australia today. He addressed our men at Parkway and they listened with rapt attention – they all loved his real down-to-earth Aussie style and wanted more! We are having Col back every year for this purpose – he’s simply too good to miss!”
– Ps. John Macknamara Parkway Church Canberra.

“Col Stringer ministering to men is like a chemical catalyst enthusiastically and energetically precipitating changes in their hearts. Men are challenged to be more than mere men but to be godly men that step up and accept the responsibility of leading, fathering and sacrificing for their families. He has a unique style and the ability to evoke the desire to be not only the best man, but a Christ filled man of epic proportions.”
– Ps Tom Trout; World Revival Church of Kansas City, Missouri.

“We had Col Stringer come to our church and Men’s Breakfast to minister to our men. The reports kept coming back to me from our men of how well they felt Col related to the Men. They found Col to be a man’s man and that he was very relevant to the Australian men. All the men said that they went away encouraged and ministered to by Col and felt he impacted their lives so we are very thankful for Col Stringer’s ministry into the lives of our men here at Calvary AOG Townsville.”
– Ps Craig Hannay Senior Associate Pastor Calvary Assembly

“With so much fear of man and political correctness in our society, men are becoming avoiders of responsibility rather than moulders of society. Col comes with neither fear or correctiveness but with fearless speech and righteous values. An inspiration to any men looking for Godly leadership.”
– Dr. Chas Gullo. COC Nambour Qld

“Col has a unique ability to communicate a fresh, relevant and challenging ministry to men that few can, but it’s his life’s dedication to the work of God and faithfulness to his family that exemplifies the lifestyle that all men of God should aspire to. I highly recommend him!”
– Ps Tom Inglis Director Psalmody

“In a world where men are struggling to be men, husbands struggle to be husbands, father’s struggle to be fathers we need to hear from men that are confident in their manhood and have got the runs and longevity on the board. Col Stringer is that man. We just recently had Col share and he was sensational. I encourage you to invite him into your men’s meeting and put back some serious testosterone back into your church and community.”
– Kevin Wilcock Life Church, Newcastle

“I have known Col Stringer for 30 yrs. He is like a good Wine, he just gets better with age. We have had Col speak here at Faith City. His Word-based presentations flavoured and coloured by great, real-life stories from our Aussie past and present
have helped to impart strength and confidence in the hearts of our men.”
– Ps Warren McMartin. Faith City Wodonga